3.4 Guides

Page guides are used for the visual alignment of page objects such as Shapes and Form fields on a page/view.


Page Guides can be created several ways such as using the Page rulers or the Insert menu.

Creating a Guide using the Page rulers

  1. Click on the vertical or Horizontal page rulers located on the left or top of a view and then begin dragging a guide to desired page area. When the desired page location has been reached release the mouse button.

Creating a Guide using the Insert Menu

  1. First, select any page object.
  2. Navigate to the menubar and click on the menu titled “Insert“.
  3. Finally, click the sub menu item titled “Horizontal Page Guide” or “Vertical Page Guide” to insert a new Page guide based on the select object in the page/view.


The color properties of a page guide can be changed using the Application Properties windows.

To change the color of a Page guide do the following:

  1. Select a guide in the view/page with the Pointer tool.
  2. Navigate to the menubar and click the menu titled “Dru”
  3. Next click the menu item titled “Preferences…”. The Preference window will open. (Menu: “Dru/Preferences…”)
  4. In the Preference window, click on the Guide color square to update the color of a page guide. (Note: All page guides in any open document will be updated to the new guide chosen color).


Using page guides along with the Snapping System allows greater control of the presentation of page

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