Dru 1.0 released

Dru easy to use features enable the user to create a document with ease – without the complications associated with other programs. It only takes a few simple clicks to create eye catching presentations such as: brochures, letters, fillable forms, logo’s and other graphical elements.

Editing Modes

  • Pointer Mode allows scaling of shapes.
  • Points Mode allows the editing of points of a selected shape
  • Forms Mode allows speedy creation of fillable PDF forms


A wide range of drawing tools that allow creativity such as: Text, Rectangle, Oval, Line and other vector based shapes.

  • Effects – Apply drop shadows and filters effects to vector shapes.
  • PDF forms – The creation of fillable PDF forms that allow the sharing of information.
  • Objects browser allows instant categorization of page objects for easy organization
  • Page browser allows quick and easy access to multiple pages
  • Duplicate & repeat function allows for quick and easy copies
  • Story Editor allows focused editing of text.

Pagination Engine

  • Allows for dynamic page creation using maximum creativity. Create one or more pages.

Sharing & Exporting

  • Export PDF files
  • Export Fillable-Forms as PDF or FML files
  • Import media types such as JPEG, TIFF, PNG, PDF, PSD
  • Export JPEG, TIFF, PNG files

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