Dru 2.0.10 Released

The 10th update to Dru 2.0. Version 2.0.10.


  • Added spelling suggestions to EditText mode when right-clicking highlighted words.
  • Fixed support for some characters not being displayed correctly when added via EditText tool.
  • Fixed issue with listbox control located in FormOptions popover having a incorrect alignment.
  • Fixed with EditTool’s undo frequency.
  • Fixed issue for page Name not showing in bottom left corner when page is switch with “command +]” or “command + [ “.
  • Fixed several Misc. issues.

2 thoughts on “Dru 2.0.10 Released”

    1. Hi Christopher,
      Unfortunately, Dru 2.0 does not provide a means to use CMYK as a color systems. RGB color system is currently the default color system in Dru 2.0.

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