2.5 Using Application Preferences

The application preferences window allows you to update the following two preference panels: Guides and Grid. Also the Text box and Form fields preferences.

How To Access The Preferences: The preferences can be accessed from the View menu.

Guides and Grid Preferences

Ruler guides – Choose a color and location of guides; below or above page objects.

Grid – Choose a color or distance/spacing between grid lines or grid type; Lines or Dots.

Ruler – Measurement system such as pixels, inches, millimeters or picas. Styles.

Toolbar – Styles such Condensed or Expanded.

Snapping System – Activate or deactivate the guid, grid, or other object snapping.




Text box and Form fields

Text Box – Allow the Text box Default Style to be set

Form Fields Allow updating the display display Color


Updated for Dru 1.4

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