Dru 2.0.10 Released

The 10th update to Dru 2.0. Version 2.0.10.


  • Added spelling suggestions to EditText mode when right-clicking highlighted words.
  • Fixed support for some characters not being displayed correctly when added via EditText tool.
  • Fixed issue with listbox control located in FormOptions popover having a incorrect alignment.
  • Fixed with EditTool’s undo frequency.
  • Fixed issue for page Name not showing in bottom left corner when page is switch with “command +]” or “command + [ “.
  • Fixed several Misc. issues.

Dru 2.0 Released

A new update to Dru has been released. Dru 2.0. This new version was Rebuilt with great new features!


  • Added Full CoreText support
  • Added Columns tool
  • Added EditText editor tool
  • Added Enhanced Story editor
  • Added Font Previews
  • Added Expanded font styles
  • Added Vertical alignment for Text shapes.
  • Added Toolbar styles
  • Added Text styles tool
  • Added 64 bit app support (A new foundation for the future.)


  • Fixed issue in Style browser.
  • Fixed issue with measurement type not being displayed in some areas.
  • Added option to change rendering style in preference.
  • Other Misc. issues fixed.

Dru & Future

The Next Major version of Dru is currently in development.

This Major version of Dru will have Enhanced Retina Support. 64bit support for more ram usage. Advanced typographical features. And other cool updates. Stay tune! More details to follow.
Stay tuned.

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Specifications may change without notice.

Dru 1.7 released

A new update to Dru has been released. Dru 1.7.


  • Added Enhanced Retina Support. (More Interface controls are clearer.)
  • Added Rendering Engine Support for enhanced page scrolling for large document with 150 plus objects.
  • Added Enhanced Batch functionality. (Modify multiple shapes)
  • Added Enhanced Image Export capability. Multiple pages can now be exported as image.


  • Page guides to scale better when zooming greater 800 percent.
  • Objects now snapTo Guides, Objects or the Grid with greater precision.
  • Fixed misc. bugs.