Dru 1.0.3 released


  • PDF documents or PDF pages can now be imported from the ‘Open’ command. (previously only the image tool allowed the importing and placing of PDF documents or PDF pages)
  • Dru documents that contain imported PDF documents with multiple pages can now be updated to display a different page of the imported PDF document.


  • fixed several graphical issues related to Lion.
  • fixed issue related to object’s lock setting not being respected.
  • fixed issue causing files with imported pdf documents from loading properly.

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Dru 1.0.2 Alert – 10.7 Lion Compatibility

There’s and issue with Mac OS X 10.7 Lion and Dru 1.0.2.

Dru version 1.0.2 is not fully compatible with Mac OS X Lion.

Several graphical issues.

Dru 1.0.2 can be used on Mac OS 10.7 lion despite the issues above.

Some or all of issue above will no longer be valid once Dru 1.0.3 is released from the Mac App Store.

Dru 1.0.3 or greater will be compatibility with 10.7 Lion.



Dru 1.0.5 Update

Dru 1.0.5 is getting closer to release. We been working hard to make this release of Dru one of our best yet.

There are so many cool things in version that it forced us to skip version 1.0.4.

Some New things to expect.
• Enhanced Bookmark tool.
• Mac OS X Lion Updates such as document Resuming, and other features.

Expect this release in Late August to early October.

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Disclaimer: Specifications may change without notice.