Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What files types can be imported into Dru?

  • Currently, Dru can import TIFF, JPEG, PNG, PSD, SVG and PDF files

Question: Can Imported files be edited in Dru?

  • Currently, Dru can apply Effects on top of the importable file types but can not edit them directly.
  • Currently, the only file types that can be edited directly are XVD, SVG and FML.

Question: What files types can be export from Dru?

  • Currently, Dru can export TIFF, JPEG, PNG, PDFFML and HTML files

Question: What type of PDF forms does Dru export?

  • Currently, Dru can exports AcroForm based PDF files

Question: Can Dru open PDF files?

  • Currently, Dru can open PDF files. When PDF files are opened they are imported in to a new Dru document but are not editable.

Question:Can Dru open SVG files?

  • Currently, Dru can open SVG files. When SVG files are opened they are parsed in to a new Dru document and is editable. (Note: Not all SVG elements are supported.)

Question: Can Dru read images embedded inside a SVG file that was opened in Dru?

  • Currently, Dru 1.4.6 or greater will read an embedded image inside of an opened SVG. Note: When a new XVD document is created from an Opened SVG file the embedded image will be also embedded the new XVD document when it saved to a file.

Question:Can Dru Export HTML files?

  • Currently, Dru can export HTML files which conform to the HTML 4.1 specifications. When HTML files are exported they are presented in a a folder containing all exported HTML documents and associated CSS documents.

Question: What are Dru’s system requirements?

  • Dru systems requirements are Mac OS X 10.6.8 or better
  • and 1 GB of system ram or greater.

Question: How do I purchase Dru?

Note: This FAQ does not answer every possible question. The Dru Documentation may also be able to answer additional questions.

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