Dru 2.0.10 Released

The 10th update to Dru 2.0. Version 2.0.10.


  • Added spelling suggestions to EditText mode when right-clicking highlighted words.
  • Fixed support for some characters not being displayed correctly when added via EditText tool.
  • Fixed issue with listbox control located in FormOptions popover having a incorrect alignment.
  • Fixed with EditTool’s undo frequency.
  • Fixed issue for page Name not showing in bottom left corner when page is switch with “command +]” or “command + [ “.
  • Fixed several Misc. issues.

Dru & Future

The Next Major version of Dru is currently in development.

This Major version of Dru will have Enhanced Retina Support. 64bit support for more ram usage. Advanced typographical features. And other cool updates. Stay tune! More details to follow.
Stay tuned.

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Specifications may change without notice.

How To: Set Page Name and Export

Dru has the ability to set a Page Name for each page contained in a Document. Here’s how:

  1. First open and existing document or create a new document.
  2. Navigate to the view menu and then click the menu item titled Name.
  3. A new dialog window will show requesting the Name of the current Page.
  4. In the field give the page a name. And then click the “Done” Button.

By setting the page name will allow several new abilities such as export images with a preset Page name as the File name instead of the default xvd file name.

Export File with Page Name

  1. Use Page Name instructions above.
  2. Navigate to File menu and click on menu item titled Export.

After the export window opens select Image as your export selection. Fill in any desired Image export settings and then press the Export button. The file Export dialog file name will be populated with Page name of the current page.

How To: Duplicate Page Guides

Page guides in Dru are really great tools to used to correctly align objects on a page. Using a Page guide Tool and the Duplicator tool together can provide interesting and exciting results.

  1. Select and existing page guide with the pointer tool. (Create a new guide by drag and a new guide from either of the horizontal or vertical ruler areas)
  2. Click on the Duplicator icon located in the toolbar to open the Duplicator window. (The Duplicate & Repeat window contains three configurable options such as “copies”, “direction” and “distance”.)
  3. In the copies area of the Duplicate & Repeat window specified number of copies.
  4. In the direction area specify the direction that which you expect to duplicate the guide.
  5. In the distance area specify the distance at between each new guide.
  6. Finally press the “Duplicate” button. Multiply Page guides have now be created based on its the number of copies, the direction of the guide, and the distance between each guide.

Dru Release History

The following is a listing of Releases for Dru.

Version 2.1 ——————————————————-


  • Added symbol and emoji support to EditText tool.
  • Added Text Color ink well to options bar.
  • Fixed Issue with image ICON being shown as flipped.
  • Fixed Misc. issues.

Version 2.0.10.  ——————————————————-


  • Added spelling suggestions to EditText mode when right-clicking highlighted words.
  • Fixed support for some characters not being displayed correctly when added via EditText tool.
  • Fixed issue with listbox control located in FormOptions popover having a incorrect alignment.
  • Fixed with EditTool’s undo frequency.
  • Fixed issue for page Name not showing in bottom left corner when page is switch with “command +]” or “command + [ “.
  • Fixed several Misc. issues.

Version 2.0.9.  ——————————————————-


  • Added faster text selection in EditText mode.
  • Fixed several Misc. issues.

Version 2.0.8 Jan. 2018  ——————————————————-


  • Added stability to EditText tool.
  • Added stability running multiple opened xvd projects.
  • Added stability while app is idle.
  • Fixed Misc. issues.

Version 2.0.1 Oct 2017  ——————————————————-


  • Fixed random issue with Exporting HTML prototypes.
  • Fixed issue with exporting some images.
  • Minimum macOS version is now 10.9.5 (If you are still using OS X 10.7 & OS X 10.8 please use Dru version 1.7.

Version 2.0 Aug 2017  ——————————————————-


  • Added Full CoreText support
  • Added Columns tool
  • Added EditText editor tool
  • Added Enhanced Story e
  • Added Font Previews
  • Added Expanded font styles
  • Added Vertical alignment for Text shapes.
  • Added Toolbar styles
  • Added Text styles tool
  • Added 64 bit app support (A new foundation for the future.)


  • Fixed issue in Style browser.
  • Fixed issue with measurement type not being displayed in some areas.
  • Added option to change rendering style in preference.
  • Other Misc. issues fixed.

Version 1.7 July 2016  ——————————————————-


  • Added Enhanced Retina Support. (More Interface controls are clearer.)
  • Added Rendering Engine Support for enhanced page scrolling for large document with 150 plus objects.
  • Added Enhanced Batch functionality. (Modify multiple shapes)
  • Added Enhanced Image Export capability. Multiple pages can now be exported as image.


  • Page guides to scale better when zooming greater 800 percent.
  • Objects now snapTo Guides, Objects or the Grid with greater precision.
  • Fixed misc. bugs.

Version 1.6.3 October 2015 ——————————————————-


  • Effect pop-over now allows changing PPI/DPI of effects. In addition to supporting 72ppi. Three other ppi settings are supported such as 144ppi, 300ppi and 600ppi.
  • Fixed issue with Form facade function not showing correct form state.
  • Fixed HTML export issue for Dropdown form object.
  • Fixed misc. bugs.

Version 1.6.2 August 2015 ——————————————————-


  • Fixed issue related to exporting @2x and @3x images.
  • Fixed Other misc. bugs.

1.6.1 July 2015 ——————————————————-


  • Formfields can know be formatted with expanded phone number styles such as US, China, France and UK.


  • Fixed Misc. bugs.

1.6 May 2015 ——————————————————-


  • New Path Tools – Use the new Smooth point and Smooth Extend point and Path smoothing tools to add detail to your vectors.
  •  New Form Tool – Add color to Form Field Text labels and Form Field backgrounds.
  • New Image Matrix Tool – Give images and anchor to stand on.
  • New Object Alignment tool – Now two or more objects can know be vertically or horizontally aligned.
  • New @2x, and @3x image exporting.
  • New SVG documents exporter. Share your creations with others using SVG.
  • Basic Retina support.


  • Enhanced Duplicate and Repeat tool – Now supports duplicating page guides.
  • Enhanced Options panel that supports precise Page guide placement.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes
  • Auto image squaring for exported images.


1.4.11 December 2014 ——————————————————-

  • Fixed issues with supported Languages.


1.4.10 October 2014 ——————————————————-

  • Fixed issue with page orientation in the ”Page Size & Margins” option not switching from Portrait to Landscape.
  • Fixed other misolanouse.


1.4.9 June 2014 ——————————————————-

  • Fixed Random issue affecting form field list boxes exported to PDF.
  • Fixed issue in form fields defaults value not displaying correctly for some characters.


1.4.8 May 2014 ——————————————————-

  • Fixed and issue related to exported images not including file extensions (.tiff,.png,.jpg).
  • Enhanced support for exported PDF files that contain form Text fields with defaults values being viewable in 3rd party PDF reading Applications outside of Preview.

1.4.7 April 2014 ——————————————————-

  • Fixed issue related to exporting a PDF.
  • Minimum OS X version is now 10.7.3 (If you are still using OS X 10.6.8 please use Dru version 1.4.6
  • Miscellaneous fixes.

1.4.6 March 2014 ——————————————————-

  • More Enhanced SVG file Importing.
  • Fixed issues related to exporting a PDF with Advanced PDF settings enabled.
  • Miscellaneous fixes.


1.4.5 Feburuary 2014 ——————————————————-

  • Enhanced SVG file Importing.
  • Fixed issue related to the Exclude Vector tool.
  • Enhanced Vector Tools now include a Divide tool.

1.4.3 December 2013 ——————————————————-

  • The New Document Window now allows the setting of a Default page type.
  • Now support Drag & Dropping of images in to openned documents.
  • Fixed issue related to saving placed images.
  • Fixed issue related to saving a PDF file opened from the file menu.

1.4.1 December 2013 ——————————————————-

  • Fixed issue with exporting to PNG file presents a double export window.
  • Fixed issue with exporting to Website creates corrupted CSS folder.
  • Fixed other issues.

1.4 November 2013 ——————————————————-


  • Multi-Point Gradient tool. Three or more points of color are better then two.
  • Clipping Shape tool. The Clipping Shape tool allows easy creation of clipping shapes that mask out areas of a shape.
  • Form Field Formats. Enhance your fillable pdf forms with date, time or number fields.
  • Enhanced Image fill tool. An Image fill can now be applied to more shapes types then before.
  • App Sandboxing for Mac OS 10.7.3 or greater. Making your files more secure.
  • Cocoa interface code makes Dru more responsive when using a mouse or a finger on a touch pad.
  • Quick Key Combinations allow short cuts to frequently used menu commands such as Fill, Stroke, Drop Shadow, and Effects.
  • Story Editor. Now faster and more easier with zoom and enhanced Font engine.


  • Fixed issue in several gradient properties not being saved to XVD file.
  • Fixed issue when editing a text object inside of a group object
  • Snap To Options are now located in the Toolbar
  • Enhanced Image fill tool. An Image fill can now be applied to more shapes types then before.
  • Enhanced Forms tool. Extended Font types can now be set using the Form field options panel.
  • Enhanced Group object editing for Text objects.
  • Enhanced Text options will all the updating of Fonts and Sizes the Options panel.
  • Enhanced “Convert To” tool to now support conversion of a round rectangle, Star, Polygon, to a shape that can be edited using the Points tool.

1.2.2 March 2013 ——————————————————-


  • Advanced PDF forms export option. This fixes a issue with exporting Form field objects with active properties such as Multiline, ReadOnly, and Required.
  • Exported Form text field can know be aligned centered or aligned right.


  • Fixed issue with form field list box tool not adding list box object to view/page.
  • Fixed issue with form field list box tool not adding list box object to view/page.
  • Fixed issue in story editor that prevented some highlighted words from being spell checked using a right click or a control click.

1.2.1 January 2013 ——————————————————-


  • Forms fields now display their default state.
  • Default style for a Textbox can now be set.
  • Forms field objects contained inside a group can now be edited with out breaking the group object apart.


  • Fixed an issue with Color and Shapes styles not loading properly
  • Fixed an issue with master page icon not displaying correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with duplicating a document page that has a master page assigned to it.
  • Fixed an issue with Form options popover not updating the display of the object being edited.
  • Bookmarks are now exported when exporting HTML files.
  • Fixed issue with Forms Fields in a group not exporting property.

1.2 September 2012 ——————————————————-


  • Text to Outlines allow text objects to be converted to vector shapes.
  • Shape Tools provides several functions allowing the creation of new shapes from two different shapes.
  • Master Pages allow the sharing of common graphic objects among multi-pages.
  • HTML Exporting allows the automatic exporting of document pages as HTML pages.
  • Quick Start window allows quicker access to application features such as recent items, New Documents and Samples
  • Styles browser for Colors and Shapes
  • Smart Shapes such as the Polygon tool and the Star tool.


  • Enhanced SVG importing
  • Fix issue in the interface that did not provide adequate user guidance.
  • Fix issue in Form field mode which prevented object alignment while using the form fields browser.
  • Fix issue in bookmark tool that caused the points tool to incorrectly activate for form field objects.
  • Fix issue in rotating grouped objects that contained other rotated objects.
  • Fix issue in blend mode not being and undoable function.

1.0.6 December 2011 ——————————————————-


  • Bookmark tool now has the ability to reset a Bookmarks destination (Control+Click, Right click on bookmark name in the bookmark listing)
  • Support for importing/opening Scaleable Vector Graphic (SVG) files in Dru.
  • Basic menu support for Portuguese language.


  • Fix a minor issue when creating new bookmarks or deleting and existing bookmark.
  • Fix issue in grouped checkbox objects when exporting to PDF.
  • Fix an issue in exported checkbox objects not retaining there border when exporting to a PDF.
  • Fix an issue in Story Editor that caused some latin characters to not display properly.
  • Fix an issue in Story Editor that caused and unexpected slow down when committing changes.
  • Fix issue when using the millimeters measurement system
  • Fix several miscellaneous issues.

1.0.5 October 2011 ——————————————————-


  • New Bookmark tool
  • Enhanced Page browser
  • Enhanced Grid tool
  • Snap to Guide.
  • Toolbar and ruler styles.
  • Document resuming. Lion feature.
  • Rotation support for placed/imported images and graphics.
  • PDF Forms fields and Bookmarks Importing. (When placing imported PDF documents and pages Dru will import Form Fields or Bookmarks contained in the imported PDF Documents).


  • Fixed random printing issue.
  • Fixed issue in snapping objects to ruler guides
  • Fixed various miscellaneous.
  • Fixed issue system not notifying user that a document contains only formfields and no drawing objects when attempting to export a fillable PDF.

1.0.3 July 2011 ——————————————————-


  • PDF documents or PDF pages can now be imported from the ‘Open’ command. (previously only the image tool allowed the importing and placing of PDF documents or PDF pages)
  • Dru documents that contain imported PDF documents with multiple pages can now be updated to display a different page of the imported PDF document.


  • fixed several graphical issues related to Lion.
  • fixed issue related to object’s lock setting not being respected.
  • fixed issue causing files with imported pdf documents from loading properly.

1.0.2 June 2011 ——————————————————-


  • PDF documents or PDF pages can now be imported from the ‘Open’ command. (previously only the image tool allowed the importing and placing of PDF documents or PDF pages)


  • Fixed possible data loss issue.
  • Fixed issue related to image objects and drop shadows
  • Fixed issue causing page guides from being resized when the document settings are changed.
  • Fixed various miscellaneous issues.

1.0.1 April 2011 ——————————————————-

Group objects can now be edited with out breaking a Group apart.


  • Fixed an issue in where the Points tool would not function as expected.
  • Fixed an issue where the app will no longer attempts to open file types it can’t understand.
  • Fixed an issue preventing certain undoable actions from functioning as expected.
  • Fixed an issue causing the appearance of compound paths to appear corrupted.
  • Fixed an issue causing the appearance of mirrored page objects to appear corrupted.
  • Fixed an issue causing placed PDF’s to rendered as image and instead of a vector.
  • Fixed a drop shadow window issue causing page objects to appear unaffected when changing settings.
  • Fixed an issue preventing opened FML files from opening properly
  • Fixed an issue that displayed an file open error when it wasn’t needed.
  • Fixed an issue that forced exported PDFs file to open in Preview.
  • Fixed various miscellaneous issues.

1.0 March 2011 ——————————————————-

Dru easy to use features enable the user to create a document with ease – without the complications associated with other programs. It only takes a few simple clicks to create eye catching presentations such as: brochures, letters, fillable forms, logo’s and other graphical elements.

Editing Modes

  • Pointer Mode allows scaling of shapes.
  • Points Mode allows the editing of points of a selected shape
  • Forms Mode allows speedy creation of fillable PDF forms


A wide range of drawing tools that allow creativity such as: Text, Rectangle, Oval, Line and other vector based shapes.

  • Effects – Apply drop shadows and filters effects to vector shapes.
  • PDF forms – The creation of fillable PDF forms that allow the sharing of information.
  • Objects browser allows instant categorization of page objects for easy organization
  • Page browser allows quick and easy access to multiple pages
  • Duplicate & repeat function allows for quick and easy copies
  • Story Editor allows focused editing of text.

Pagination Engine

  • Allows for dynamic page creation using maximum creativity. Create one or more pages.

Sharing & Exporting

  • Export PDF files
  • Export Fillable-Forms as PDF or FML files
  • Import media types such as JPEG, TIFF, PNG, PDF, PSD
  • Export JPEG, TIFF, PNG files

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How to: Quickly Paste Copied Text
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How to: Open a PDF document
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