Dru Demo for version 1.4.5

Today, we have released a Demo of Dru. Version 1.4.5. As before, Printing, HTML Export, and PDF exporting has been disabled.

The Dru Demo can be downloaded from the Dru product page.

(After clicking on the product page below please navigate to the “download” button at the bottom of the page below)

For Support go to the following:


Dru 1.4.5 Released

The third minor up date to Dru 1.4. This version of Dru will be more compatible with more types of SVG files.


  • Enhanced SVG file Importing.
  • Fixed issue related to the Exclude Vector tool.
  • Enhanced Vector Tools now include a Divide tool.

The following is a SVG file imported in to both Dru 1.4.3 and Dru 1.4.5. See the difference with the enhanced SVG importing available in Dru 1.4.5.

test Case 1.4.3 vs 1.4.5 SVG import test Case 1.4.3 vs 1.4.5 SVG import test Case 1.4.3 vs 1.4

The Vector Tools has been enhanced with the addition of the Divide tool.

test Case Enhanced Vector Tools Divide

Pick it up from the Mac App Store.