2.9 Toolbar

In Dru the user can utilize two toolbars styles. A Expanded Toolbar and a Condensed Toolbar.   Below is the image of the Condensed Toolbar – the style that is defaulted to upon creation of a new page.

The Toolbar is comprised of several items:

  • Pointer tool, Points tool, Rotate tool, Edit tool, Text Box tool, Shapes tool, Form Fields, Bookmark tool, Convert tool, Master Pages tool, Grid tool, View, Duplicate, Batch

Condensed Toolbar

Expanded Toolbar

Note: The Expanded Toolbar can be easily accessed by opening the Application Preferences window.

This new view takes the items, that were previously condensed into sections, and sets them on the toolbar for easy viewing and access.  This is seen in the image below.

Updated for version 1.2.1

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