Bookmarks are exported along with other page objects during the PDF export or HTML export process. Bookmarks are page objects that do not have a visual appearance like other page objects such as rectangle, line, star and etc.

Create a Bookmark
There are several ways to create a bookmark.

  1. Create a new Bookmark by clicking the toolbar item “Bookmark”. A New Bookmark window will open asking for the “Bookmark Name” and the type of Connection.
  2. Create a new Bookmark by selecting and Object in the view and then right clicking the same object will present a drop down menu. From this the drop down menu select the “New Bookmark” item. A New Bookmark window will open asking for the “Bookmark Name” and the type of Connection.

Viewing Bookmarks

  1. In the Objects browser click the tab titled “Bookmarks”. This will show/view the list of Bookmarks in the open Dru Document.

Editing Bookmarks

  1. A Bookmark can be edited by clicking on the “Bookmarks” Tab located in the Objects Browser. And selecting an item in the bookmark listing.
  2. Navigate the mouse to “Object” menu and then click on the menu item titled “Bookmark”. You will notice several menu items such as “Edit Bookmark Name”, “Set Bookmark Destination” and “Delete Bookmark”.

Bookmarks Usage
Bookmarks are used to create a clickable table of contents for exported PDF documents.

PDF Bookmarks

Dru exported pdf documents that contain bookmarks can be viewed in a Apple’s Preview or Adobe Reader applications. In Preview, clicking the “Table of Contents” button to view bookmarks in a PDF that has been exported from Dru.

HTML Bookmarks

Dru exported HTML/XHTML websites can be viewed in most popular web browsers like Safari, Chrome, Firefox and many others. When viewing the exported sites in a web browser you will notice a left sidebar that contains the bookmarks that where created in Dru.

Updated for Dru 1.4

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