How To: Duplicate Page Guides

Page guides in Dru are really great tools to used to correctly align objects on a page. Using a Page guide Tool and the Duplicator tool together can provide interesting and exciting results.

  1. Select and existing page guide with the pointer tool. (Create a new guide by drag and a new guide from either of the horizontal or vertical ruler areas)
  2. Click on the Duplicator icon located in the toolbar to open the Duplicator window. (The Duplicate & Repeat window contains three configurable options such as “copies”, “direction” and “distance”.)
  3. In the copies area of the Duplicate & Repeat window specified number of copies.
  4. In the direction area specify the direction that which you expect to duplicate the guide.
  5. In the distance area specify the distance at between each new guide.
  6. Finally press the “Duplicate” button. Multiply Page guides have now be created based on its the number of copies, the direction of the guide, and the distance between each guide.

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