Dru Updating and CyberMonday discount

Dru Updating.

First, we would like to say, thank you to those of you who have taken the time to update to Dru 1.2. This was a momentous update for us for which stabilized Dru by fixing several long standing issues and adding new features such as Master Pages, Shape Tools, Polygon and Star tools, also Easy to Use HTML prototyping. Dru 1.2 has been updated, by our users, quicker then any other of version of Dru that came before it. The Alecmedia staff would like to thank our Dru users for updating so quickly to version 1.2 of Dru.

CyberMonday discount

Second, those of you that are holding out on purchasing Dru. Now may be the best time to pick up your own copy of Dru. Today through CyberMonday we are running a discount for Dru on the Mac App Store. Dru 1.2 can be picked up for $13.99 (The regular price for Dru is $16.99).

Again, thank you for choosing Dru for your Digital Publishing needs.


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