Dru 1.2 Released


  • Text to Outlines allow text objects to be converted to vector shapes.
  • Shape Tools provides several functions allowing the creation of new shapes from two different shapes.
  • Master Pages allow the sharing of common graphic objects among multi-pages.
  • HTML Exporting allows the automatic exporting of document pages as HTML pages.
  • Quick Start window allows quicker access to application features such as recent items, New Documents and Samples
  • Styles browser for Colors and Shapes
  • Smart Shapes such as the Polygon tool and the Star tool.


  • Enhanced SVG importing
  • Fix issue in the interface that did not provide adequate user guidance.
  • Fix issue in Form field mode which prevented object alignment while using the form fields browser.
  • Fix issue in bookmark tool that caused the points tool to incorrectly activate for form field objects.
  • Fix issue in rotating grouped objects that contained other rotated objects.
  • Fix issue in blend mode not being and undoable function.


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