Dru 1.4 Released


  • Multi-Point Gradient tool. Three or more points of color are better then two.
  • Clipping Shape tool. The Clipping Shape tool allows easy creation of clipping shapes that mask out areas of a shape.
  • Form Field Formats. Enhance your fillable pdf forms with date, time or number fields.
  • Enhanced Image fill tool. An Image fill can now be applied to more shapes types then before.
  • App Sandboxing for Mac OS 10.7.3 or greater. Making your files more secure.
  • Cocoa interface code makes Dru more responsive when using a mouse or a finger on a touch pad.
  • Quick Key Combinations allow short cuts to frequently used menu commands such as Fill, Stroke, Drop Shadow, and Effects.
  • Story Editor. Now faster and more easier with zoom and enhanced Font engine.


  • Fixed issue in several gradient properties not being saved to XVD file.
  • Fixed issue when editing a text object inside of a group object
  • Snap To Options are now located in the Toolbar
  • Enhanced Image fill tool. An Image fill can now be applied to more shapes types then before.
  • Enhanced Forms tool. Extended Font types can now be set using the Form field options panel.
  • Enhanced Group object editing for Text objects.
  • Enhanced Text options will all the updating of Fonts and Sizes the Options panel.
  • Enhanced “Convert To” tool to now support conversion of a round rectangle, Star, Polygon, to a shape that can be edited using the Points tool.

Dru 1.2.1 Released

Dru 1.2.1 has been released in the Mac App Store.


  • Forms fields now display their default state.
  • Default style for a Textbox can now be set.
  • Forms field objects contained inside a group can now be edited with out breaking the group object apart.


  • Fixed an issue with Color and Shapes styles not loading properly
  • Fixed an issue with master page icon not displaying correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with duplicating a document page that has a master page assigned to it.
  • Fixed an issue with Form options popover not updating the display of the object being edited.
  • Bookmarks are now exported when exporting HTML files.
  • Fixed issue with Forms Fields in a group not exporting property.


Pick it up from the Mac App Store.


Dru Updating and CyberMonday discount

Dru Updating.

First, we would like to say, thank you to those of you who have taken the time to update to Dru 1.2. This was a momentous update for us for which stabilized Dru by fixing several long standing issues and adding new features such as Master Pages, Shape Tools, Polygon and Star tools, also Easy to Use HTML prototyping. Dru 1.2 has been updated, by our users, quicker then any other of version of Dru that came before it. The Alecmedia staff would like to thank our Dru users for updating so quickly to version 1.2 of Dru.

CyberMonday discount

Second, those of you that are holding out on purchasing Dru. Now may be the best time to pick up your own copy of Dru. Today through CyberMonday we are running a discount for Dru on the Mac App Store. Dru 1.2 can be picked up for $13.99 (The regular price for Dru is $16.99).

Again, thank you for choosing Dru for your Digital Publishing needs.


Dru 1.2 Released


  • Text to Outlines allow text objects to be converted to vector shapes.
  • Shape Tools provides several functions allowing the creation of new shapes from two different shapes.
  • Master Pages allow the sharing of common graphic objects among multi-pages.
  • HTML Exporting allows the automatic exporting of document pages as HTML pages.
  • Quick Start window allows quicker access to application features such as recent items, New Documents and Samples
  • Styles browser for Colors and Shapes
  • Smart Shapes such as the Polygon tool and the Star tool.


  • Enhanced SVG importing
  • Fix issue in the interface that did not provide adequate user guidance.
  • Fix issue in Form field mode which prevented object alignment while using the form fields browser.
  • Fix issue in bookmark tool that caused the points tool to incorrectly activate for form field objects.
  • Fix issue in rotating grouped objects that contained other rotated objects.
  • Fix issue in blend mode not being and undoable function.