Dru 1.6 Released


  • New Path Tools – Use the new Smooth point and Smooth Extend point and Path smoothing tools to add detail to your vectors.
  •  New Form Tool – Add color to Form Field Text labels and Form Field backgrounds.
  • New Image Matrix Tool – Give images and anchor to stand on.
  • New Object Alignment tool – Now two or more objects can know be vertically or horizontally aligned.
  • New @2x, and @3x image exporting.
  • New SVG documents exporter. Share your creations with others using SVG.
  • Basic Retina support.


  • Enhanced Duplicate and Repeat tool – Now supports duplicating page guides.
  • Enhanced Options panel that supports precise Page guide placement.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes
  • Auto image squaring for exported images.

Updating Dru Documentation

Several parts of Dru’s documentation are being removed from the site due to the recently added features in Dru 1.0.5. The documentation will be re-released, with updated information, by October 31. Until then, if you are in need of assistance, please contact support.

Thank you for for your patience.

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