Dru Version 2.0.10

Dru is a vector graphics application, a page layout application and a forms design application that is very powerful and easy to use. Other applications, attempt to over complicate their applications with incoherent features. Dru, on the other hand, attempts to take every feature added, an tightly integrate them in a coherent manner. This continuity opens up multiple levels of creativity.

It only takes a few simple clicks to create eye-catching graphical products. Brochures, letters, fillable forms, logos, web sites and other graphical projects can be finished in record time.

Grid System

Now you can design with the power off a grid. This also includes auto aligning objects to Page guides or a Grid.
User Interface

The Interface makes it easy to find and use the programs varies features.
Story Editor

Text editing made personal.

Drawing Tools

Draw with Rectangles, Ovals, Lines, Polygons, Text, Images and Smart shapes such as Polygon and Star.
Editing Grouped Objects
Edit Items contained in grouped objects
Open PDFs
Open one or more pages from a PDF document in to a new Dru document. Dru will also import bookmarks and forms fields from a PDF.

Form fields
Using the Form tools you can add Forms capability such as Forms fields, checkboxes, Radio buttons, Pushbuttons and Listboxes to any document. After creating a form it can be exported as a PDF form.

Master Pages
The Master Page support in Dru is an amazing feature. Simply store items you want to reuse on a Master page then link the master page to your Document pages.

HTML Prototyping
Need to produce HTML fast. Design your web site concept in Dru and export as real HTML and CSS file information. No Coding!

Page browser
Page browser makes for quick and easy access to multiple pages in a document, all while saving on screen real-estate.

Shape Tools
Perform shape operations on on two objects to create interesting and new shapes. Shape tools made up of several sub tools such as Compound Path, Grouping, Clipping Shape, Union, Intersection, Cutout, Outline and Exclude.

Dropshadow & Effects
Find a graphical object and add an effect. You can apply drop shadows and filter effects to vector shapes and grouped objects.

Style Browser
Do styles differently. Reuse Colors and Gradients already available in a given document. Add shape styles that enhances your creativity.

Guide Snapping
Guide Snapping is now more intelligent. Guide snapping now works while in Points mode in addition to Pointer mode. A object can also be snapped to another object.

Duplicate & Repeat
This function allows for quick and easy repetition of graphics objects by reducing the need to use multiple copy and paste commands.

Copy and Paste
The abilty to copy an object and only paste selected attributes come in handy.

Users can also import media types such JPEG, TIFF, PNG, PDF, PSD and SVG.

Sharing Information
  • Export as PDF files
  • Export as Fillable-Forms as PDF or FML files
  • Export as JPEG, TIFF, PNG files
  • Export as HTML files

System Requirements
Mac OS X version 10.9.5
Processor Core Duo or better
1 GB RAM or greater

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