6.1.3 TIFF file

6.3 TIFF File

Export Settings: format, compression, alpha, ppi, image smothing


1. Navigate to File menu and click on the menu item “Export” (Command-E).

2. Select “Image” from from the file type dropdown.

3. Select “None” or “LZW” or “Deflate” from the compressiondropdown.

3. Select “TIFF” from from the format dropdown.

4. Select “No Alpha” or “Include Alpha” from from the alpha dropdown.

5. Enter desired “scale” from from the scale field.

6. Select Advance Settings to show extended options such as “Scale Presets” and “image smoothing”.

7. Press the “Export”


Purpose: Allowing content to be used in other applications.

All page objects can be save to this file format

Limitations: All objects are flatten when exporting to this file format.

Updated for Version 1.2

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