4.2 Apply Strokes to Objects

Objects can have the following properties applied to a Strokes. Strokes can have Color, Width size, Line joins, Line Caps, Miter Limits for strokes and Solid or Dashed line.

The Stroke Window



Applying a Color Stroke to a selected Object using the Stroke window from the Options panel.

  1. Select and object in the view.
  2. Navigate to the Options panel and click on the button titled “Stroke”. The Stroke window will pop up allowing a new color stroke to be applied for the currently selected Object.


Color Styles from the Styles Browser can be applied objects in a view.

  1. Select and object in the view.
  2. Open the Style browser if it is not already open. (Navigate to the Toolbar and click on the icon titled “View” and then click on the “Styles” or “Pages and Styles” item.)
  3. At the bottom left of the window navigate through the Style listing to select your desired color. Once a color has been located click on the “Stroke” buttons in the style browser to apply a color to the selected object in the  view.


Updated  for version 1.4

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