2.8 Using the Story Editor

The story Editor allows for in your face editing of the selected text object.

The story editor is composed of the following elements:

  1. Text view: the area where text is entered or updated.
  2. Font drop-down: allows the selection of a font.
  3. Font Size drop-down: allows the selection of a font size.
  4. Font Style: allows selected text to have  bold, italic, or underlined font style.
  5. Color selection: Allows users to update the color of the text selected in Text view.


Opening Story Editor

Adding text to a Dru document is simple.

  • Once on the page, click on the ‘Text’ tool.  Doing so will create a text box in the middle of the Users page.
  • Move the text box to the desired location, using the pullable points to make the box bigger or smaller depending on need.
  • When the box is in the desired location, double-click inside the text box, this will bring up the Story Editor.
  • Input, and stylize, desired text.  Once completed select the ‘Save’ button at the bottom of the Story Editor, doing this creates the text on the screen.


Updated for Version 1.4

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